After graduating from Cal State University of Long Beach with a Business Degree, Paul Kurz wasted no time jumping into Restaurant construction. His plans were to study restaurant construction so he knew what to expect while building his first restaurant. Paul grew up in the restaurant business and there was no doubt he wanted to own his own restaurant. He began as a assistant super to a restaurant General contractor. His first assignment Mimis café Anaheim. I found the construction of a restaurant fast pace, something new every day, and good pay for a fresh college Grad. My next assignment took me to Sandy, Utah where I was Superintendent of my first ground up construction project. I learned an enormous amount about construction dealing with temperatures in the -10 degrees and months of snow blizzards. With the weather not in my corner and being my first restaurant we managed to still turn the building over on time.

         I learned a lot about the costs of construction and the pleasures of being on the road and having fun while making money. Knowing this wouldn’t result in the best family life I returned to Orange county and went to work for Performance concrete. This I feel was the start of realizing maybe I should go into construction. This company was solely responsible for pouring foundations, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and decorative concrete for the largest shopping malls all over southern California. Bill the owner and my boss taught me the trade of concrete and within one year I think he taught me not just about concrete but also how to succeed in life and business. Bill often looked at a little crazy by most, I saw a desire to be the best, to move the fastest and exceed all of his clients expectations at all times. He taught me how to perform the impossible. When someone said it couldn’t be done we did it better and faster than anyone. The ability to perform the impossible made Bill the one every one wanted for concrete, at the same time providing him a nice life style. It wasn’t long till I tried it for myself on the weekends pouring peoples backyards, and front yards. Weekend after weekend I strived to exceed residential clients expectations. Before I knew it I had a good thing going and a lot of extra money in my pocket. as much as Bill taught me and the respect I had for him it would be tough to leave, but if I was going to own my own business, I would have to move on. I owe much of my success and knowledge of business to Bill Porrazzo.

         I finally knew what I was born to do not owe a restaurant, but build them. I went back to bartending at night and began the steps to getting my B license with state of California. While working on the license I continued pouring concrete as PKJ Construction and doing small restaurant remodels for Jim Benson director of facility Maintenance. I worked day and night, weekends too working up the money needed to start my business as a official General Contractor. Every step of the way remembering what Bill taught me, exceeding all of my clients expectations.

         Finally the day came March 1st 2004 PKJ Construction, Inc.. was born. Now, a licensed General Contractor insured, bonded, and money in the bank I signed my first Restaurant job as a tile contractor for a Mimis Café in Santee California. Installing the tile faster than my competition and with much more attention to detail led me into my next Mimis café, and Before I knew it I had signed three BJs Chicago Pizza and Brewerys. With only 4 employees I turned to Kent Bisel a master tile and brick layer for a partner. The fastest any tile contractor had done a Bjs was six weeks and we only had four to do all three. There was no doubt we would succeed. scrambling together guys and working 16 hour days Kent and I managed to set all three 90 % in three and a half weeks, making us the new tile company to the restaurant world. While continuing to grow my General contracting business Kent continued to manage the tile sector. We have worked in 36 states and have done all of the top restaurant chains to date.

         While continuing RESTAURANT REMODEL and tile installation for some of the largest Restaurant General contractors in the nation, Paul wanted to get closer to his goal of being a preferred restaurant contractor. In 2006 Paul opened his office show room and opened Pride Millwork a 5000 sq. ft. custom millwork dedicated to all forms of custom millwork from housing to restaurants. In 2006 Paul built his first home, located in sunset beach, at 3500 sq. ft. upon completion two different realtors appraised the home between 7 and 7.5 million.

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